Are you currently working in the industry and want to know how to improve your career and sales, or are you  thinking of a career change?  You will probably have many questions about real estate and RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group, therefore you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to get the true facts what we can do for you.


A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. Successful people in real estate are goal-oriented, persevering, self-motivated, ambitious and people-oriented. Entry into the real estate field depends on education, training and interests. Most people begin as sales people in a brokerage firm. Other possibilities include office assistant, licenced agent assistant or rental agent, assistant in a department of a large real estate organization, or in the mortgage division of a bank or lending institution.

In real estate, a salesperson is an individual employed by a Broker to trade in real estate, who has met provincial licensing requirements. As a member of organized real estate, they belong to a local real estate Board and are employed by a brokerage that is a member of that Board.
A Broker has met provincial licensing requirements, which typically includes both experience and education criteria. They may then manage and own a brokerage. A brokerage company may be an independent company, locally-owned and managed by a Broker, or be a franchise brokerage owned and operated locally, or a national franchise office that is corporately-owned and managed locally.

Once you get into the field, you’ll be employed as a salesperson or sales associate working in affiliation with a large or small brokerage. With experience and additional education becoming a real estate Broker is a next step you can pursue. Brokers can own their own businesses and employ other salespeople.

In residential real estate, helping people buy and sell homes is one of the most important and basic services a real estate agent performs. The real estate agent's expertise facilitates the transaction, saving clients time and money and avoiding problems. Commercial Brokers specialize in income-producing properties, such as apartment and office buildings, retail stores and warehouses, shopping centers and industrial parks. To understand and explain why these properties are good investments, commercial Brokers need to be aware of growth possibilities in the area, current income tax regulations and purchasing arrangements that give the buyer the greatest possible return on investment:
Education and Licensing requirements for jobs in the real estate industry are established by the province in which you intend to practice. Generally, you’ll be required to complete an educational requirement before you can get involved in the field. A period of supervised practical training – sometimes called "articling" – may also be required before you can be registered as a real estate professional.

Colleges and universities now offer a variety of real estate or related courses. At many of these colleges, students can specialize in a program that leads to a bachelor's degree in real estate. Some universities offer graduate level courses. Contact the university or college of your choice for course information and directories.

Continuing education is also required in many provinces and available in others so that real estate professionals are regularly kept up to date and trained in the many aspects of their career, and the real estate industry. In the real estate Code of Ethics, this is a commitment to competence.
Entry into the real estate profession takes preparation. As with other professions, provincial licensing is required. Licensing requirements vary across Canada, but all provinces and territories require prospective salespeople and Brokers to pass a written exam. For more information on licensing, visit the web site of the real estate Association in the province where you intend to work. 
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